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I just applied to a job that I really super want but I’m also scared because the last time I really super wanted a job it was the one I have now, which is super gross and lame and I don’t know how I ever wanted it in the first place so I hope that doesn’t happen to this one 


Pappardelle with dandelion pesto | A Better Happier St.Sebastian.


you’re telling me a chicken fried this rice?

I don't take compliments well

  • Customer: hey that nose stud and your glasses look really good on you
  • Me: thanks
  • Customer: like they really come together really well on your face
  • Me: ...thanks
  • Customer: no really, they both really suit your face
  • Me: ........thaaannnnkkksss.....byyyyeeee

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∮∮ vintage|posh|photography ∮∮

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Money graffiti pt. 2 {

Money graffiti pt. 2

Money graffiti {

Money graffiti


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